Intercultural encounters that are worthwile

helmikuu 11, 2016

Four weeks in a different country are not very long. We had to figure that out during our stay in Raahe, Finland. We experienced a lot of new things, tasted typical finish specialities like Mämmi, Runeberg’s pie and salmiakki, and saw the main sights of the upper east part of Finland. The fins are really nice and they always helped us to survive the daily live because of the difficult language and culture.

In our first days in Northern Europe we had to get used to the weather. It was so different because the sun doesn’t show up much during the day at this time of season. It made us thinking the days pass faster than the days in Germany.

But we didn’t come to Finland just for fun. There was an important task for us. As part of our internship we worked for The Happy Ambassador Ldt with Titta Kote as our tutor. With our assistance we helped her in expanding her concept to international markets. Also the widening of the marketing plan was part of our daily work duties.

Being together with the children on the fairy tale adventure brought big enjoyment for us. We were really impressed about the enthusiasm of the kids during this unforgettable fairy experience.

Finally we got really used to the work and know everything about the concept and it’s so much fun! Now the time of our stay is over and we sadly have to leave Finland. We are sure we will keep in touch with Titta Kote and continue supporting her concept especially in Germany.

It was an unforgettable experience in Finland and we surely will miss all new friends. We truly can say that intercultural encounters are worthwile!

See you!
Sarah and Josi from Germany