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International Footprints and Flights of The Happy Ambassador

  •  On the occasion of International Day of Peace, on 21st of September, Ms. Titta Kote was a panelist on the Live ICDAY Virtual Event, giving her valuable insights on how we can shape a peaceful World. 
  •  Ms. Titta Kote was duly invited to be a part of the live virtual event hosted by FOWPAL in support of International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief on August 22, 2020.  
  •  On the 20th of August, Ms. Titta Kote, shared a message in support of the World Humanitarian Day, giving her heartfelt message for people to see why is it important to support the Covid-19 warriors across the World in dealing with pain and traumatic experiences that they are having to face in fighting this battle. We truly are grateful for all their services, and showing them that we care about them is the least we can do. 
  •  The PINO Network Covered a Special Interview Story of Ms. Titta Kote on 12th August, 2020 to highlight about her Global cause of spreading happiness among the children of the World. PINO Network is exporting Finnish Education and is an affiliate member of Worlddidac Association and Education Finland. Click on the link below for the Interview.
  • Ms. Titta Kote gave an exclusive Interview to Dr. Diane Hamilton from ‚Take The Lead‚ Radio, which was aired on 27th July, 2020. You can listen to the Radio Interview by clicking on the link below:
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  •  Ms. Titta Kote spoke at 1st Anniversary of UN’s Designation of the International Day of Conscience, which was streamed live on 25th July, 2020. Check out the following videos for her Special Speech and other important details.
  • Our Founder, Ms. Titta Kote was a part of the the Global Celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of the UN Charter, held on 26th June, 2020. Talking on the topic, ‚Global Solidarity for World Peace and Security, she gave her speech online, which is available as follows. 
  • On 22nd July, 2020, Ms. Titta Kote was featured in the ‚Hearts Talk Series‘ Hosted by Award-winning International Keynote Speaker and Best-selling Author, Linda Larsen. The Show was organised by Stella Women Around The World from Bahrain. 
    with FAAVM (Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities), Canada for cooperation in education for children. Check out the following video for details. 
  • In 2019, Ms. Titta Kote received the ‚Books For Peace Special Award‘ for her contribution as the Founder of The Happy Ambassador towards Peace Building Efforts on a Global Level. 
  • A special feature story about the journey of The Happy Ambassador was published on an Indian Blog, by the name ‚Smile To Shine.‘ Click on the link below to read the story.
  •  In Partnership with ‚She Exist‘ from the USA to reach to the American Kids starting from 2021, through a special collaboration with Lady Janelle Harris, CEO of She Exist.
  • Ms. Titta Kote got featured in the ‚Power House Global Magazine‚ for her contribution through the works of The Happy Ambassador Concept.