Happiness is to learn new things

December 30, 2015

The first unique language club of The Happy Ambassador is finally completed. All children who were attending got a diploma and The Happy Ambassador plush toy for memory. The diplomas are given by The Happy Ambassador accompanied with the theme music and trumpet fanfares. Thank you to those children who took part in the first Happy Ambassador Language Club. It was wonderful to get happy and enthusiastic students for each time. During the two months we learned English through games, exercises, creativity and music. Participants were from 2 to 7 years of age. It was enormous to see how they adapted the English words and expanded their vocabulary. Each time we had different themes and tasks. During the food theme and the children are at the restaurant and order dishes. We learn to order food, to say thank you and to ask politely. The familiar land, sea and ship-game turned our Language Club to a sporty vocabulary game about emotions like “I’m sad”, “I’m happy” and “I’m angry”. The material for each lesson is developed by The Happy Ambassador, based on the concept.

I hope, I can bring a fun, joyful and memorable experience of learning the English language with a variety of activities for the children. Learning can be fun! Thank you for the overwhelming feedback. It’s giving strength to move forward.

The Happy Ambassador language club continues again in February 2016. Welcome aboard to a happy atmosphere where learning is made for fun. The language club got interest also from kindergartens. For the request, we offer from the beginning of 2016 language showers in kindergartens with different themes and unique material.

Olivia, 2 years, asked me to help with elf drawing. – Will you help me?
Priceless memories, that are worthwhile. J

Feeling thankful