Theater performance

The first children’s theater presentation of the Happy Ambassador stories was completed in Raahe theater. The Presentations charmed the viewers in Raahe theater as well as a moving theater to day-care centers in Raahe and the nearby municipalities. The Happy Ambassador and forest concert got its premiere in the autumn of 2014.

Funny story of The Happy Ambassador and his friends. One beautiful morning the Happy Ambassador decides to leave after breakfast for an adventure to his home forest. When he packs his lunch box and says goodbye to the parents, happy and musical journey begins with his friends. Who sings beautifully, who will stamp the ground and who is buzzing the wings.

Directed by Toni Kettukangas
Author: Titta Kote
Music: The Happy Ambassador Ltd / Composers: Gabriel Kote & Plamen Mirchev

Manuscripts and music for family theater performances: