The Happy Ambassador and Mr. Rainbow

In this fairy tale the Happy Ambassador will meet Mr. Rainbow. The book is aimed at young children and tells about the wonders of nature. It expands a child’s knowledge, as well as vocabulary. Pedagogical: Each page includes reading tips, which will make your reading time to an interactive experience. Children will learn how to recognize different emotions and colors. The serie is designed and accomplished at the request of kindergartens. The book is also well suited for immigrant children in learning the language, and for use with children with special needs.

ISBN 978-952-7087-01-5
Author: Titta Kote
Illustrated by: Ognian BalkandjievGraafinen
Designer: Peter Stamenkov
Release year: 2014
Number of pages: 8
Format: Paperback, A4
Other information: Serie is intended for 0-3 years

10,90 €