Fairy tale adventure

The Happy Ambassador – a sporty and musical fairy tale adventure

The Happy Ambassador is a fairy tale character created by Titta Kote, which aims to bring happiness and joy to the world’s children. The source of the stories and different characters came from telling bedtime stories to her son. The Happy Ambassador is a ladybug, which grows up with the readers to a small ladybug boy with wings on his back. The stories are combined with music and sportive activities to a unique and educational experience for children. Come and join the stories of The Happy Ambassador with sporty and musical fairy adventure! In the beginning we will get to know The Happy Ambassador, introduce each other and learn bit of geography. And the fairy tale adventure begins! We are going with The Happy Ambassador to Egypt – with Egypt soundtrack based on the book. On the way we experience many new things. We jump on the lake from one water lily to another. We pick up fruits and fill our pockets. We fly through the air, like swans. We climb the stairs of the pyramids and we sail on the Nile. We open our arms wide, like we are dangerous crocodiles. The fairy tale adventure offers for children an imaginative way to do sports with joy!

– sporty & musical fairy tale adventure in total: about 1h
– sporty exercises: about 20 minutes
– story time: children will enjoy listening to “The Happy Ambassador in Egypt” story.

In the end The Happy Ambassador arrives personally and gives hugs of happiness to children.

Recommended environment:
– Kindergartens, gyms or other rooms with bigger open space.


Further information:
Titta Kote
The Happy Ambassador Ltd
GSM 045 1307391