About Us 

The Happy Ambassador Concept


The story behind the idea…

The Happy Ambassador is a fairy tale character created by Titta Kote, which aims to bring happiness and joy to the world’s children. The Stories were born from bedtime stories for her oldest son. “Many modern stories are too focused on the adult world. I wanted to create safe and educational stories for children. The Happy Ambassador stories communicate values that I consider important: family, love, tolerance and respect for others.”

The Happy Ambassador is a ladybug, which grows with his readers to a small ladybug boy with wings on his back. The concept includes the “The Happy Ambassador’s world.” The main product with sporty exercises and musical fairy tale adventures enjoyed great popularity. The fairy tale adventure combines The Happy Ambassador stories, music and physical choreography into a unique, educational experience.We invest in continuous product development and the digital future.

The Happy Ambassador in Finland and overseas

The Happy Ambassador has created a valuable network and received recognisability in Finland and overseas.

The Founder – Titta Kote

I started to follow my dream. The Happy Ambassador concept has been created with passion and hard work. I can say, I’m able to do work which I really enjoy: creative work, with different kinds of people. The best part, of course, immediate feedback from children, their joy and laughter during the fairy tale adventure activities. The product development is strongly going digital. Lots of interesting things happened step by step.

It is very interesting to take The Happy Ambassador forward. I get to meet wonderful people from true professionals to heartily supporters. Thanks to my loving family, spouse, children, parents and my friends for their priceless support.

I wish you all heartily welcome to The Happy Ambassador world!