Dreams come true!

October 6, 2015

The Happy Ambassador books featured the world’s best-known book fair in Frankfurt in 2014. Finland was the host country, The Happy Ambassador the guest of honor. Thanks to Claudia Wittmann (agent) and The Wittmann Agency! read more →

An unforgettable experience

October 1, 2015

Intercultural encounters – The Happiness Ambassador visited the Bulgarian kindergarten. The fairy tale moments took place in Finnish and Bulgarian. The children were very interested to hear the Finnish language. Fragrancy experiences were also the ethereal candle of The Happy Ambassador in Egypt, which brought the Egyptians fragrances and the fairy-tale atmosphere to the moment… read more →

The Happy Ambassador received a huge media presence, nationwide, direct in a TV broadcast of Ruse in June 2014. We were able to present the concept to the EU Commission and parliament. The Happy Ambassador has helpers in Bulgaria. Most of our team is located in Ruse, Bulgaria – the Pearl of Great Price, the.. read more →