We Support The Cause of Ending Child Labour on World Day Against Child Labour

June 12, 2020

Today, on 12th June, like each year the world gets united to fight against a menace that acts as a hindrance to the happiness of the kids of the world. The day is observed by keeping special debates and discussions and creating awareness towards a world where children live their childhood freely and beautifully. 

World Day Against Child Labour

Putting young children into dangerous and hazardous tasks is a crime, yet this is prevalent in so many parts of the world that according to the International Labour Organization, there have been almost 152 million children who work as child labourers and in fact, around 72 million work in hazardous zones and industries. Fighting against this evil is a must if at all we want to create a world where children live happily. The Happy Ambassador Concept has been creating that world and we believe that each child of this world deserves a fair chance at a beautiful life. In showing our solidarity with the International Organizations and governments who are working to put an end to child labour, we would like to present the views of our team members from across the globe. Our views tell what we feel and how then through The Happy Ambassador, we intend to spread happiness to the kids of the world.

1. The Founder’s Words

Every child has rights to have a good childhood. Every child deserves to be Happy! Happy Ambassador wants to support Children’s Rights and to provide multi-sensory learning experiences, where every child learns through play and have fun!
We support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and work together for the betterment of children worldwide. Zero violence against children by 2030.
-Titta Kote
Founder & CEO The Happy Ambassador Concept
Global Ambassador for Children’s Rights/FAAVM

2. Team Member From India

I don’t say give everyone the play station or an expensive child bike to ride.
At least, allow them to play, read, learn and you be on their side.
I understand every family may have different responsibilities financially. 
Don’t let the child work on the harmful field as he is not strong enough physically. 
-Smruti Alinje Bhalerao
Founder, Prittle Prattle PR & Publicity Agency


3. Someone Spreading Smiles from the team

A child deserves all the love and happiness in the world, especially during those childhood days. When they are not given the chance and freedom to do that, we not only steal their precious moments that would become memories but also steal away the chance of a happier world around us. Because let’s face it, we all smile when a child smiles, so it is only natural that a sad life of a child leads to a sad life of the world. Let us all come together to make a pleasant present for the children and create a bright future for mankind.
-Kanchan Choudhary
Founder, www.smiletoshine.com

4. Words from the Management Team’s Core Member

Every individual or company that employs child labour should know that it perpetuates pain, stress, and low self-esteem in the life of that child and does help in the proper development of that child’s future. They should know that this practice is a crime and that it must be stopped if at all we want happy kids in our world. The prevalence of child labour is threat to The Happy Ambassador Concept in every country. We all should stop this injustice from happening and enable our kids to grow into happy and healthy adults for a better future. 

-William Horsu
Head of Africa and Global Partnerships

5. Another wonderful member of our Indian Team

Make education a birthright for children and allow them to learn to earn and create a better nation when they become adults. In my view, the child will shine better if we give them the freedom to choose their career based on their passion. 

-M. Rajagomathi Balu

Motivational Trainer and Life Coach

Supporting and creating happiness for kids is our goal, and anything which is an obstacle in that way needs to be removed from the roots. This is how we feel about the issue of child labour, and through our efforts, we intend to give joy to as many kids as possible. Join us in our mission to create happiness, joy and big dreams for children.

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